Compliance services

The regulatory environment is becoming more complex and onerous. With our extensive experience working for top tier Commodity Trading houses, top tier global investment banks and Oil Majors, Sybius Consulting can help you manage your diverse Compliance risks relating to trading Commodities globally and global Financial Regulations.

We are Physical Commodities and Financial Regulation specialists, able to assist with all your Compliance needs in the Global Commodities trading and Financial Market areas

Sybius Consulting offers experienced support to effectively implement regulatory requirements and manage Compliance risks. Our experience managing Global Compliance Teams means that we are available to answer all your Compliance questions relating to trading physical commodities in the global commodities markets, and the associated global financial regulations.

Our service offer includes complete solutions, from planning to implementation and managing processes for our clients.

Sybius Consulting offers a pragmatic partnership with our clients, to advise and develop targeted solutions in the areas of Compliance and Regulatory risk management.

Ad Hoc Advisory Services

We can provide support to Compliance teams with their day-to-day ad hoc Compliance questions and projects, such as day-to-day support for topics covering global financial regulations, Commodities and Commodity Derivatives transactions or Compliance governance processes

How we can help

- Ad hoc support to Compliance Teams – We can provide ad hoc support to Companies and their Compliance teams, helping resolve questions quickly and efficiently.

- Policies / Procedures – We can help you draft policies and procedures, providing advice and examples as to how different requirements can be managed within the company.


Governance is one of the most important but often neglected areas of an effective Compliance programme. It is important that companies can demonstrate oversight and management of Compliance risks. Well-implemented governance programmes will ensure that the Compliance risks are addressed and ensure that this is demonstrable to any concerned third parties.

A well-designed and implemented Governance framework can also demonstrate the all-important management oversight and “tone from the top” which can be essential in a situation where the compliance programme is reviewed by a regulator or authority.

How we can help

Assistance in designing your Compliance programme: We can help design and implement a Compliance Structure which fits into your company’s existing corporate governance framework. Our experience creating and managing Compliance Programmes in different companies working in different areas of the Commodities and Financial markets means that we have the experience to propose formats appropriate to your needs such as Compliance Committees or other Board Oversight Processes.

Support in setting up management reporting processes: We can help design and implement management reporting processes, and ensure that the right people receive the information they require for oversight purposes. This can be in the form of management reporting frameworks or considered Key Performance Indicators.


Most companies and Compliance Departments have to produce policies and procedures in isolation due to the perceived commercial sensitivity of the subject matter. Sybius can help provide assurance over your Compliance Programmes, confirming the appropriateness and completeness of what has been implemented.

We can review your existing policies, procedures and processes to identify enhancements or potential gaps and help you ensure your company has an efficient fit-for-purpose Compliance programme.

How we can help

Gap Analysis and Reviews: We can provide an impartial and external review of your Compliance programme and help identify areas where controls can be improved or optimised. We can help produce prioritised implementation plans to help you manage the workload and resources.

Working with our Law Firm partners, this work can be offered as part of legal advice and therefore can be privileged.

Investigations: Control failures or errors can occur, it is however key to identify the reasons for their failure and address the issues as quickly as possible. We can help quickly provide resources and experience to investigate control failures and identify their root causes, helping you to identify the most appropriate remediation and solutions.

Compliance services

In-house Services

Our In-house or secondment services can help companies who require temporary, full-time, assistance. This can be due to staff sickness or between employees. In these instances, we can either provide dedicated in-house assistance or provide a guaranteed number of hours dedicated to your company’s needs.

How we can help

Transaction Assistance: If you need specific knowledge to support a new activity, we can provide resources to assist whilst more permanent support is recruited, allowing companies to seize opportunities as they arise.

Business as Usual activity (KYC reviews / Contract negotiation): We can provide assistance in high-risk areas such as due diligence or contract negotiations, providing additional resources and experience to support existing teams or if teams are not yet in place.

Business Development

All companies aim to seize opportunities and grow into new markets, but this must be done within the Controls Framework the company has set up. We can support your Compliance Department manage business development programmes, providing guidance on how to manage risks, optimise controls related to new markets.

How we can help

Transactional Due Diligence support: We can help conduct due diligence on the new proposed markets and provide recommendations on what your company needs to implement in order to move forward and seize new opportunities.

Jurisdictional Due Diligence Support: We can manage support or directly manage and Compliance requirements in support of any company expansion. Our ability to bring experience resources quickly and directly into a project provides our clients with agility and flexibility when trying to seize new opportunities


Training is essential to any effective Compliance Programme, however, it can be a very time-consuming endeavour for any Compliance Team. Sybius can provide as much support as is needed to complete any training exercises. We can help Compliance Teams plan training programmes, draft training and, if required, assist in its delivery.

How we can help

Support planning and drafting training: We can help you plan an appropriate training programme for your teams, globally. We can also assist you with drafting bespoke training or provide our tailored training packs, saving your Compliance resources time for them to spend on high value work. Our extensive experience allows us to provide engaging relevant training delivered based on practical experience and not theory.

Delivery of training: We can help you organize and/or deliver training to your teams globally. We also know that training sessions are the time when many people take the opportunity to ask questions, our experience allows us to give broad coverage coupled with real-world examples to back up any materials and ensure that the training is as clear and effective as possible.

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Compliance services
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