EU ETS - Shipping - Maritime Emissions

Are you ready for the EU’s new proposed shipping emissions regulations? Shipping companies must monitor and report emissions in ports or face penalties. keep informed with Sybius Consulting

The current proposal requires all shipping companies to monitor, report, verify and surrender their vessels' emissions when transporting passengers or cargo for commercial purposes in Ports in EU member states.

To comply with these regulations, companies should start by identifying vessels that have the required gross tonnage, putting processes in place to log voyages starting and/or ending in Ports of Call in EU member states, and determining which administering authority will be assigned to their company.

Companies should also engage with a verifier to determine the most suitable monitoring methodology for their fleet and put processes in place to effectively monitor, report and verify voyages.

The emissions surrender requirements include surrendering 40% of verified emissions reported for 2024, 70% for 2025, and 100% for 2026 and each year thereafter.

It is important to note that by implementing the required processes, shipping companies can ensure compliance with the ETS Amendments and avoid potential penalties.

Vessels subject to the regulation: (i) above 5000, and (ii) from 2025 between 5000 and 400

What is a Port of Call: "Port of Call" refers to the port where an EU or offshore ship stops to load/unload cargo or embark/disembark passengers or relieve the crew (for offshore ships). However, it does not include stops solely for refuelling, crew relief (except for offshore ships), repairs, distress, search and rescue, container transhipment or sheltering from adverse weather.

You will have to register with an Administering Authority. If you are EU Registered, it is going to be the EU Country of your registration. If you are non-EU Registered, then: (a) the EU Country where you have most Port of Call calls if you already have been in the EU; (b) the EU Country of your first Port of Call, if you haven’t.

Be aware that this is based on the current proposed legislation and that changes could be made! We will keep you updated.

⚠️Be aware that emissions are financial instruments⚠️ Watch this space on the compliance requirements for emissions trading.

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