Legal section

Trading activities are increasing in complexity and are concluded with higher frequency.

As a result, legal departments must react swiftly and be able to anticipate future needs while coping with ever- expanding day-to-day activities. Sybius Consulting can help clients efficiently manage these challenges.

Advisory Services

Assistance with day-to-day In-House Legal matters and projects, such as everyday advice and questions.

How we can help

We can help you with structuring transactions and licensing, lightening the day-to-day work of your legal department with ad-hoc projects.


Governance is essential for an effective In-House Legal department. A lean and organised Legal department with fit-for-purpose processes and streamlined resources is the cornerstone for servicing internal clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

How we can help

We can help you effectively structure your department, create standard processes for the review of documents and establish effective ways to communicate and coordinate with other departments. We can assist in designing standard resources such as knowledge bases for your clauses, tracking of documents, an efficient archive, repositories of standard clauses and integration and automation of contracts with your IT system.


We can review your existing policies, procedures and processes to identify potential gaps and enhancements. With this review, you can ensure that your company has an efficient fit-for-purpose In-House Legal function in line with your peers.

How we can help

We offer a wide range of Health Checks and Reviews where we work with you to assess the state of the different aspects of your legal function, from consistency in your negotiations and clauses to the general structure of the department, providing you with recommendations to address any risks that we might identify and suggest an implementation plan to redress them.

In-house Services

Our In-house or secondment services can help companies who require temporary or full-time assistance for any reason, either due to staff sickness or between employees.

Sybius can provide dedicated in-house assistance or a guaranteed number of hours dedicated to your company’s needs.

How we can help

We will assume the functions of your legal department as needed, whether is to negotiate specific contracts to cover a documentation position or to, temporarily lead a newly formed department or to serve as a transition in between heads of teams or departments.

We will seamlessly assume the day-to-day activity of the role that you need to be covered and can also help with organizing and structuring the function.

Business Development

All companies aim to seize opportunities and grow into new markets, but this must be done within the Controls Framework the company has set up.

We can support your In-House Legal Department and business development, providing guidance on managing risks related to new markets.

How we can help

We can assist with due diligence when entering into new markets to understand the regulatory and legal landscape and to help you obtain competitive legal opinions to underpin your trading activities in new markets or new products.

We can also provide project management services when trading new products or entering new markets to take care of your end to end needs from the legal side and coordinate with other departments to ensure a smooth and coherent action for your trading..

If you want to start trading or create your own trading structure, we can provide assistance with the initial set-up and structuring of the activity to ensure that there are sound foundations not only to start the activity but also to support future growth..


Training is an essential tool to mitigate legal risk; however, it can be time-consuming for any Legal Team.

We can provide training for the legal department and also legal training for other functions (Back Office, Trade Support, Credit, and Front Office, among others).

How we can help

Sybius can provide as much support as is needed to complete any training exercises. We can help Legal Teams plan training programmes, draft training, and, if required, assist in its delivery.

A few examples of the trading that we can provide:

  • Regulations (EMIR, REMIT, MiFID, etc)
  • Products (Swaps, repos, long term contracts vs short term, master agreements)
  • Legal contracting and confirmation review
  • Commodities (LNG, Natural Gas, Oil, Power, Emissions)
Compliance services
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